Cordless Optical Mouse Issues

I have a Logitech cordless optical mouse and I am having speratic problems with it connecting on boot up. I have done all the things their supprt says but I can not seem to make it work consitantly. Anyone else have similar experiences? I really like the cordless and will never go back to the balled mouse. Any suggestions on a better cordless optical mouse?
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  1. I'm currently using it.

    The radio freq. must be so low, or the power output so minimal, that my wrist/forearm can block the signal. Seriously, I just tested my theory about 5 minutes ago.

    Keep a clear line of sight, and at least 6" from anything else like your monitor or printer. Which means you have to have it on it's own hub line, and a usb extension to get the receiver away from everything. Which is what I'm going to go buy at Wally World tomorrow.

    It'll go through 1/2" of wood, but that's it. You can forget about tinfoil; it's not going to punch through to your neighbor's computer... =)

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  2. whres the transmitter? mine used to be on the top of my tower, and had similar probs, its now on the desk (further away than before) and since works fine (it actually says in the manual not to put it near certail items lol like we all rtfm..)

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  3. You mean receiver. The transmitter is in the mouse/trackball. And yeah, you have to do some thinking about where to put it. Best bet is to get a usb cord extension, and some two sided tape, and slap it on something just about your head level.

    And I'm using the usb interface, not the ps2. I didn't have to load drivers for the trackball either; it was working when I booted into XP. But I loaded the drivers just for functionality.

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  4. actually, i suspect that both the mouse and the "other bit" are transcievers, but who cares.

    If they squeeze olives to get olive oil, how do they get baby oil?
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