Measuring Write IOPS (with HD Tune Pro 4.50)

Hi all, long time lurker .... first time poster.

I am trying to measure the actual performance of some hard disks for my company. The best tool I have found is HD Tune Pro 4.50. (Other recommendations are welcome). It is producing some interesting numbers for READ performance.

When I select Write (on Windows XP SP3) there is a pop up Error-

Writing is disabled. To enable writing please remove all partitions. Please check the manual.

I check the manual ... advice is as per the text. The machines have single partitions. I cannot remove a system partition.

What is the practicable way to test ?

One idea I had was to resize the active partition and run HD Pro on the remaining unpartitioned space. Would those values be as reliable as having the full disk available ? I mean ... it is called HD Pro. not Partition Pro.

Looking forward to expert comments.

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  1. For testing i use HDTach. It test the sequential reads, random access and burst speeds of your HDD. Nice tool.
  2. In order to test it the volume cannot be in use, IE not the system drive, and I think the space has to be unallocated. I have had to do some funky tricks to test some flash drives with that program. So if you want to test it make sure the drive is empty have is as a slave drive and then you can test it, as a write test would overwrite data on the drive I woudlnt recommend doing it unless it is on a unimportant drive.
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