Need Help on which Mobo to go for :)

Im currently Building a mAtx system and am having trouble choosing a motherboard.

Im building around the Nvidia Hybrid system so i need a mobo that is compatable:

idealiy i would like a AM3 board with DDR3 however it doesnt seem very avalible, and idealy i would like an asus board.

im thinking about matching it with the AMD Phenom II X4 955 BE.

any help will be much apprciated
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  1. anyone :(
  2. anyone? if not a am3 a great am2 mATX board would be great too :)
  3. I would recommend you ASUS brand with 790FX or later chipset. and I won't reccomend mATX, go with ATX. 790GX chipset is OK - as in MSI DKA790GX Platinium.
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