GTX480 - To replace the TIM?

Hey guys, I'm trying to overclock my 480 for peak performance... And you guessed it, heat is holding me back. I'm using the EVGA SC model, with 258.96 Beta drivers from nvidia. So far, I've tried running it with shader clock at 1700(core clock 850), and memory clock at 2100, but the temp passes 100 degrees within the 1st 10 minutes! I'm not using watercooling, and I'm wondering if I took it apart and replaced the stock TIM with some IC7... Would it help with temps?
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  1. Not enough to make a significant difference. Graphics cards manufacturers sometimes overclock the cards anyway, and the manufacturers try to do the best to dissipate the heat.
  2. I think that's probably at it's limit at the moment. Just making sure you're on stock fan right?

    For me 1667/2079 clock @834 was the highest with stock fan. But if you do replace TIM and get better temps reading make sure you report in =)
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    I am running at 780Mhz with a fan speed of 75% and I am pulling 75-77C on loads. Getting 100C with an 850Mhz OC doesn't sound abnormal to me with stock cooling (keep in mind room temps and case circulation play a factor as well).

    What are your stock setting temperatures? That will be an indication if it will work for you. I changed mine and I only got a 2C temp drop. Nothing worth the effort but if your sink is somehow installed poorly from the manufacturers, then there is a chance it could work.

    I had a 4870 that was running really hot and I was able to drop the temps over 20C with new thermal paste so it is definitely possible but only if you have a bad heat sink install out of the box.
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  5. I got about 2 degrees better at idle, and about 5-7 degrees better at load with IC Diamond. was able to push the card up to 1690/2050.
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