Cable to connect my laptop internal hard drive to another laptop

i need a cable to connect my laptop internal hard drive to another laptop
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  1. Please be more clear. Are you trying to:
    1. Physically move a hard drive from one laptop into another laptop, but one is IDE and the other SATA? Sorry, can't be done. You could get an external USB enclosure that matches the drive interface.
    2. Access the files on one laptop while using another laptop? If so, network them. You'll need a router and possibly cables (unless both laptops have wireless networking; they may be able to network without a router).
    3. Something else? You'll need to give a lot more information.
  2. I assume you mean as USB.

    You either have a PATA (aka "IDE") 2.5" drive or the newer SATA drives. PATA/IDE drives and cases are disappearing fast.

    Go to a site like NCIX and get a 2.5" external USB case. It's pretty simple.

    in case you had a PATA drive, you have two options.
    1) look for a USB case for PATA/IDE
    2) Get a 2.5" to 3.5" adapter, then hook up the drive to a desktop PC, and copy the data to a newer SATA USB drive.

    Please be more specific next time..
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