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Ok, I've recenly been playing w/ my OC settings, I'm stable at 173 x21 but Generating to much heat. I started toying w/ my settings and found that many combo's will not even boot up all the way. I was able to fully boot under 220x17 and started off by running Prime95 to watch me heat. I was maintaining a good heat reading on all cores and then bluescreened. I'm assuming this was due to my voltage being set to Automatic, but when I went into adjust some I noticed my CPU Voltage was greyed out, above it was a option but the votage increases were in the 1/100th of a volt? There was also some other voltage options, but I didnt see anyhting that looked like Vcore. I was able to adj. my VTT, but w/o being able to change both I just went back to my previous OC except I went to 173 x20.

So any suggestions? I'm guessing upping my voiltage will stabilize my machine, but which voltage and how much? Small increments but whats a good starting point?
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  1. which cpu do you have, if you have 1.1V as stock or something, you shouldnt go past 1.4V
  2. Please list your PC specs. CPU and Motherboard are vital if you want any help.
  3. I got it corrected, for some reason the Vcore wasn't changing properly when adding voltage from the bios, yea your probally as puzzled as me since thats the first place it should always work, but when I pulled up a few tools like CPU-Z is showed there was no change. I d/led Control Panel from MSI and added voltage there. Prime95 and was stable after 3 hrs after I trimmed the voltage a little at a time. I know 3 hr's isnt the 24 people run at times but I dont let my go 24/7 so until I bump to 4.0 I'm happy w/ how its coming along :)
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