Video cuts off suddenly

Problems with video cutting off suddenly. The screen goes black (blue, actually), then flashes the 'No Signal!' message for a few seconds, then the monitor shuts itself off (due to no signal). To recover I have to manually power the machine off and on.

I'm not playing games or doing anything graphics-intensive, or anything-intensive.

About half the time there are symptoms just before it happens - either the graphics slow down, for example it takes a long time to drag a window across the screen, or there's a slight hang after moving the mouse, then poof the video is gone.

Problem occurs about 90% of the time. Sometimes it happens immediately, on the first mouse move after Windows loads, other times it goes 10 or 20 minutes before crashing. About 10% of the time the problem does not occur.

This is an XP machine, generic PC clone about 5 yrs old. There are no events logged for these crashes. Device Mgr lists the display adapter as Radeon 7000. Sticker on video card says RV6D-B3-64M. When I google that I find "PowerColor ATI Radeon 7000 64MB DDR AGP" with pictures of green cards, but my card is red ...

Anyone's best guess as to most likely cause?
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  1. You will need to list the spec of your whole computer.

    Also how long has this been happening. Was it fine before? Has it always done this?

    To me it sounds like a power problem with your GPU.
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