I7 920 How many cores should show with the task manager ?

Hello I just got a new MB and the i7 920. After the install of the OS i ram my task manager and saw 8 ! cores? Is this right or is there a problem? I am running vista home 64bit. I had an old q6600 and it only showed 4. I'll get a screen shot of it asap.
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  1. i7 is 4 cores with hyper threading. So it shows up in Windows as 8 CPUs because with hyper threading it has 8 threads.

    This is a good thing, and perfectly normal.
  2. it has SMT (hyperthreading) which allows each core to handle two threads and each of those graphs represents a thread.(hence why with the intel atom there are two graphs and if you have a nehalem based workstation or server there may be upto 16 graphs)
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