By an error I uninstalled my sound device. Now I can't play music or hear voices from a moovie. Could you help me, please?
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  1. you need to go to Control Panel > System > hardware tab > device manager

    find the button that says scan for new hardware and click it.

    after it finds your soundcard you will need to install a driver for it

    so rightclick on it select install driver and hopefully here you have a drivers cd that came with the computer, so if you do, then point the installation to the cd and let it search for the driver

    if no cd is available, you need to note which make and model your soundcard is, go to the manufacturer's website and download the latest drivers for your sound card. once that is done you can point he driver installation to the files you've downloaded.

    if your computer is from dell/hp/etc they often offer all the best drivers for your machine on their support website, so take a look there if you cannot find drivers on manufacturer's website
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