CPU intel core 2 duo 1.80ghz socket 755 fan needed.

Hello, I am building a computer and all i am missing is the cpu fan. what would be the best kind of fan and mount? I have a
Intel core 2 duo 4300 1.80ghz I believe it is a socket 755, the motherboard is a ASUS P5GDC deluxe if that helps, my budget is $10 - $30.

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  1. have a look for an akasa ak-965
  2. Sometimes on newegg the Xigmatek S1283 has rebates that puts it below $30
    Thats ur best bet if u use the MIR
  3. it might be a socket 775...
  4. It IS socket 775
    All C2D/Q are
  5. sweet thanks all!
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