Is my Audio Dead?

I have a Antec 1200 Case with a Intel BOXDX58SO {LinK}. I was messing with the Antecs Front Audio panel and pluged in a pair of speakers and all of a sudden my computer restarted. When the computer cam back on i had no audio :( I opened up the case and looked at were the HD Audio connected to my MOBO (the HD Audio Slot) and say a place were the shiny black of the MOBO had been wiped away and the copper had shown . When i first build the computer the Mother boards HD Audio Pins were excessive from what the Antecs front panel needed.

Red: The HD Audio Pins
Yellow: The ones i used (Not sure if i'm off a row, To late at night to open up computer)
Green: Part were the Black Came off and the copper is showing.

I've tryed Drives and BIOS Updates and have had no results.

Could it be fried? cause they i will buy a cheap Sound card.

System Spec:
Intel core i7 920
Patriot Viper memory 6gb 3gbx2
Western Digital Black 1tb
GTX 260 Core 216
Antec 1200
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  1. The mobo's FP audio header is keyed with a missing pin - so should your FP Audio connector to prevent misalignment. Perhaps it wasn't.

    In any case, the symptoms indicate you caused a short. That short caused the reboot, and (assuming the mobo was OK before the short) burned off the top surface of the mobo.

    Whether it was the way you connected the FP audio connector, or a short because of what you plugged in to the front panel jack, I can't be sure. Likely, as you suspect, its the mobo/case connection.

    I'm not familiar offhand with the pinout (what each pin is used for) of the standard FP female case connector, nor the pinout of the larger male connector on the mobo. The mobo manual will likely show it,and perhaps the case manual will too.

    Perhaps you can figure out what you *should* have done.
  2. From what both manuals said those were the places to plug in the HD Audio. The Female from the case had one Pin Keyed out just like the male on the MOBO so it shouldn;t have shorted out. If it did would this in turn cause my Onboard Audio to short to?


    In Device Manger i got High Definition Audio Controller to show up but still no Audio Devices are installed In the Sound Panel....???? Making Progress :P
  3. anyone?
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