Notebook HP 530 Overclock Graphics & Display

Hello, I'm from Brazil's Amazonas State have a HP530 Notebook wanted to overclock the device requirements of his video of him:

-Intel Celeron 2.50 Ghz
- Hard Disk 350 Gigabytes
-Two sticks of DDR2 memory and February 1 gigabyte and a 512-Megabytes

Do you can help me??

I am very grateful to those who help me ....
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  1. Overclocking laptops is somewhat difficult. Due to their small size, and lack of airflow, heat becomes an issue very quickly. On top of this, it'll draw more power, reducing the life time of your battery. I wouldn't suggest doing this personally.
  2. Ok friend thanks for the reply, did some research after posting this topic on the site.

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