SLAPK vs QHEY (e8500)

Turns out one CPU is a QHEY "Intel Confidential" similar to this
I also have a SLAPK, and intend on OC'ing one of them..... which would make for a better O'C? What benefit does the QHEY provide for having been MFG'd in a "Halide-free" package?

(removing the TLDR portion)
Once upon a time, I purchased 2 e8500 combos from Fry's; Both turned out to be SLAPK's.
I used one, then shelved the other until a friend asked me to build him a new machine. I found and purchased a replacement CPU on-line, then built him his system...
That replacement CPU has sat on the shelf for another full year until now that I've decided to use it, when I noticed the nice little "Intel Confidential" instead of the e8500's markings... While I get it's probably a pre-production chip that was probably stolen off the inspection table, would it O'C any better or worse than the production-model?
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  1. The only way to know is to install both and test.
  2. Hehe Yep, working on that right now;
    I'm mostly wondering if anyone's heard or seen anything faulty with the 'confidential' (stolen?) chips...
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