Hd 3870 not working the same

i have a visiontek hd 3870 512mb gddr4 and its not working rite..i have 600watt psu by ultra ls bought it yesterday and is working fine..the problem is yesterday i was benching my videocard and i would get like 400 frames all the time..now i only get 100 to 200 fps..everything is connected rite..i reinstalled the drivers and everything..

psu- ultra ls 600
cpu- amd 5000+ 3.0ghz
2gb corsair 800mhz
120mm rear fan
120 mm cpu fan
80mm side fan
2x80mm front fans
2hdds connected-maxtor sata 500gb and a 80gb seagate
hd 3870 512mb
dvd cd samsung drive

i really think the card is not using the right amount of power..wut do you guys thinks? any help thanks
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  1. It could be

    1) your PSU is going bad already.
    2) Your videocard is going bad. (videocards over time lose there power)
    3) is it overheating?
    4) do you have a virus? run a virus scan and a spyware scan.
    5) defragment your computer.

    that's all I know of.
  2. i just got the card like 1 week ago and the psu yesterday,,the card doenst seem to be sucking the right power out of the psu
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