WD 600 gig VelociRaptor drive Sata 3 question

I read this on a customer review and was wondering if this was true.
I own one of these and have this set up on the SATA 3 connector even though I know mechanical drives cannot utilize S3.

*****reviews have shown that the overhead that it takes to run a SATA 3 controller may actually give worse performance.******

Is the above comment true about the VelociRaptor Sata 6.0gb? I cannot find anything online about it.
Maybe it is bs.

Let me know.

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  1. Here is an entire review on a Seagate 2TB Barracuda SATA 6gb's. I know its not a VelociRaptor, but the products should be so similar that you wont notice a difference.


    I do not believe that the comment would be true if the parts that you have put together are meant to be together. I would however agree with the article regarding the "sligh" improvement instead of "major" improvement. the only reason you might not notice a HUGE improvement is because hard drives, regardless of how fast they spin, do have a point at which they become so unstable, that regardless of the speeds your getting, the chances of losing data is too great. Additionally, if you have even a SSD (Solid State Drive), the speed would eventually be governed by your Processor/motherboard/graphics card. So, the conclusion is that once its installed, you can not judge the speed improvements just based on the Hard Drive itself, its a combination of everything else in the computer as well.
  2. thank you for your reply.
    i will take a look at the link provided.
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