Core I7 930 Liquid Cooling Help

To sum up what I ened help with:

My Current i7 930 is running too hot ....

My Rig:

Antec 1200 Stock fans @ max speeds via antec 1200 fan controller

Core 17 930 @ stock speeds w/ Arctic Silver 5

Corsair H50 Push Pull Intake

Asus P6X58-D Latest Drivers and BIOS

G Skill Ripjaw Series 6 Gigabytes (2 x 3) Triple Channel XMP used for 2000mhz

Western Digital Raptor (Sata 1) Windows 7 Pro 64bit Installed and fully updated

2 Western Digital Black Caviar 1.5 Terabytes Sata 3 @ sata 2 RAID 0

X-Fi Gamer PCI Interface

1000Watt Antec Power Supply (80 Plus certified)

XFX ATI 5870

My room temp is about 27c - 29c (around 78 -81)


Ok so getting to the issue....

My CPU is at stock speeds, and with my motherboard it throttles the cpu down to 1.6ghz - 1.7ghz per core when not in use (from 2.8 per core)

So ... If I boot into BIOS, it reports that the cpu is 41c and the Board is 32c ... continue into windows and the cpu is idle at 50c, board at c. Under load I am at 70c within twenty mins of gaming (gothic 3 w/ custom ini, or Metro 2033 both maxed settings)

After ten mins or so of the computer idle hot air starts shooting from the exhaust.

I have tried to reseat the proc multiple times, used MX-2 and Arctic Silver 5 (using arcticlean between switching)

These high temps are via: real temp, and core temp ... The strange thing is, is that the asus utilities PC Probe and Asus AI Suite as well as Speed fan report that the CPU is at 34c and Board is at 29c (Im not sure which ones are reporting the distance to tjmax, and the temp itself)

GPU idles at 40c and 70c under load

Cable management and airflow is great

I clean dust filters weekly

I have the side fan blowing in on gpu

Harddrive temps are around 32c (the raid and the raptor)

This is a screen shot of all the temps right now: (keep in mind its raining outside and much much cooler then its been around here in a while so temps are lower than usual) and usually core temp and realtemp show exact same things (50c + @ idle) @ 1.7Ghz per core

Uploaded with

Uploaded with

Im at a loss on what to do .. Im more inclined to trust The real temp and core temp just because before windows starts my temps at 40c and the fact that my room will heat up in ten mins flat.

Any ideas on what the problem is?

Should I RMA the cpu (I just got it a month ago)

Should I get a new Liquid cooling system? (If so what do you suggest)

Help me Toms Hardware, you're my only hope!!

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    Go into the Bios and set it to Optimized Defaults, save and exit.

    Open up CPU-Z and see what core temp is displayed. If it's still at 1.200v (like your screen shot) go to the Asus site and download and flash the latest Bios. Then try again.

    Once that is straightened out, run Prime95 with coretemp or realtemp opened and see what your load temps really are.
  2. Done (default bios settings) and here is after 5 mins of running Prime95: (Rain starting to go away)

    Uploaded with

    And here is at idle:

    Uploaded with

    It would seem that by me enabling XMP in the BIOS (which auto overclocks your memory according to the model number to rated speeds) my memory went to 2000mhz with a cl of 9 and it increased the core to 1.2... Temps are down a little with it off ... but whats gonna happen when I overclock the cpu itself.... : /

    Are these results typical for the i7 and a case with 7 120 mm fans and one 240mm fan w/ Liquid cooling.. or did I get a bad cpu?
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