Need help Deciding on Raid Set up.

Edit: Going to simplify the Question.

I am looking for either redundancy against Physical Failure or Back up against Physical Failure, I'm not worried about viruses or anything.

Performance is just a boost, I'm not a super heavy gamer anymore so I can handle an extra couple seconds load, more of my Pickyness comes down to the FPS, and my Eyefinity set up not the Second or two of Load time. BUT I do worry about losing all of my Data.

So I don't want to go with Raid 1 since its absolutely useless for my application.

I currently have 1 WD 1TB WD1001FALS, Unfortunately one of the more expensive discs compared to other 500 or 640 models, so setting up a Raid 5 or Raid 10 with this disc would require a bit more $$$.

Reason I would not want to use a Raid 0 would be No redundancy between the two discs even if I were to say use two new 500gb in Raid 0 and this disc as a 100% Back up, so at that point I would feel more comfortable just adding 1 more disc and just accepting the 360 or 500GB Slack since 1TB is more then enough for me for life.

I do not plan on blowing 200$+ on a PCI Controller and would be using my Mainboards controller. (Maximus Formula 3)
And I would not have the xtra $ to blow on a UPS.

So bit difficult at this point looking at my Options.

Essentially I am looking to get what Performance I can without risking Data, I want to do a Raid Array because I wouldn't feel as if a Back up disc is going to waste just mirroring my Main disc, Given that though I doing a Raid Array with my hardware circumstances I don't want to risk killing drives needlessly in say Raid 5 or Raid 10, Due to AC failure or Mobo Crash... etc?
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    RAID 1 should be fine but you would have to buy another 1TB drive of that exact model. Then you would need a third drive to back up your computer to. Then create the mirror RAID. Then restore your computer on the RAID.

    Unfortunatly creating a RAID destoys the volume (and your data with it) and creates a new one.

    The cheapest method might be to get Acronis and buy an external hard drive and then do weekly backups.
  2. Thats the best option I'm thinking of right now is just buying a very Large External, 1.5TB or 1TB. Something to do a 100% back up and leave some room to store extra data I don't want on my Main Drive, Movies etc. I already have alot of my Non-Expendable Data, Music, Etc stored on a 250GB External, Reason I don't want to do Raid 1 is it just doesn't increase performance enough to make it beneficial.

    If I was to go for raid 1 I would feel alot more comfortable with just a Large External to Back up rather then just a Mirror against Physical faults.

    Then if I was already to be buying 1 drive I would at that point basically be thinking Why not buy 1 or 2 more and just go all out for Raid 5 or 10?

    Another though I had was Doing a 2x 500GB Raid 0 with my 1TB as Back up.

    I just am a bit against buying a big drive for back up since I'm only protecting the system from Physical Faults not anything being stolen or being destroyed by a Virus,

    essentially CAN I safely do a Raid 5 or 10, Or Raid 0 + Backup, on an Onboard Controller, Without a UPS, with possibility of say a crash happening.
  3. I found a good deal on New egg for a 1.5TB External, only 89$. I would have been able to find just a bare drive for that price but if I was backing up I would prefer it be Portable =)
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  5. > And I would not have the xtra $ to blow on a UPS.

    Let me show you something from my primary workstation:

    Blackout: 7 times

    Time on battery: 11 hours, 48 minutes

    "A word to the wise is sufficient." -- Anonymous

  6. p.s. Also, this WD HDD:

    ... does not support TLER (Time-Limited Error Recovery).

    WD highly recommends their RE (RAID Edition) HDDs
    for all RAID arrays:

    "Forewarned is forearmed." -- Also Anonymous

  7. Also if you have windows 7 professional it has a really good built in backup solution. It's very similar to Acronis backup recovery workstation edition. So you get to save about 80 bucks there.
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