hello. i am 15 years old. i have a long story and need major help. well i have a compaq presario SR1930NX with a p4 3.08 ghz. i also have a 300 watts power source. came with 512mb ram. i up did and grade it to 2 gigs which is max. i play cs:s and wow. my fps is really bad. so i bought a pci card whihs is the nvidia 6200. little did i know what i have a pci-e x16. im pretty pissed cause i wasted 70 bucks on this crappy graph card. the 6200 blows. i just hit about 150 max and 20 fps min. i went back to my ati xpress 200 integrated chipset. my fps with 20 ppl in room is always 9. now this is my question. is 2.0 and pci-e 16x compatible ? i also need OPINIONS on which graphics caard i should purchase. i dont want to waste money. i have about 140 right now and i am trying to sell my 6200 for 55 bucks. what i am wondering is which graph card i should get to play WoW and CS:S highest qualities at 1024*768. keep in mind i have 140 plus a 55 i do not have yet. i still need some money to get some gamecards and WOTLK. THANKS ! i need experts PLEASE. im still 15 and noob but as you can see i want to get serious. i know my computer sucks so bad, everything nowadays is dual core but i just dont got the money. THANKS ! please HELP ME !

p.s. i live in canada so yeah. and uhm also someone referred me to buy a intel duo core 2.8 ghz for 88 but i dunno. keep in mind i do not have a lot of money. i cant buy a new system. i just wanna keep the current one i have but make it better. thanks. i trust in you computer experts.
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  1. ur fps on wow is ok im running 16 on my system and i have 2.0 ghz with 1.5g ram and im using nvidia 6800 oc 128mb
    check ur internet speed plus lower ur graphics like get rid of shadows and lower ur terain details a bit and u should see improvment
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