Is it necessary to install an OS on an SSD

I just bought a 60GB vertex 2. Perhaps a bit prematurely, but I found one for 139.99 so I couldn't pass up the deal. Either way is it completely necessary to install the OS on this drive? I feel like it would be more beneficial to use the space for important programs and games. Will I see an increase in anything besides OS boot and shutdown times? Also, will W.I.E. recognize the SSD?
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  1. No, it is not necessary to install an OS, just make sure that after you install it, the computer keeps your current C: drive as the primary boot drive and doesnt switch to the newly installed SSD.
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    Studies have shown that Games don't really benefit from being on an SSD, except WoW.

    Programs may not load faster if the OS isn't also installed on the SSD, as the *.dll files will still be on the drive with the OS, and not load faster.

    Seriously, why wouldn't you install the OS on a SSD? Once you go SSD, you'll never go back!

    But to answer your OP, NO. You could use it as a second drive.

    And if it's a second drive, WIE will NOT regonize it. In WEI, it states primary drive only.
  3. Well, I'm pretty sure it will be at least of some help to me as I mostly play RPG's and massive world map games like Fallout 3 and Oblivion (similar to WoW). But I suppose I can spare the extra space and fit both on the drive. Just have to make sure I only put the important stuff on it. Thanks for the tip tho!
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  5. Yes, Oblivion often hits the drive for more data as you move across the map. I surely can feel my HD limitations since there are fps dips when it happens. Faster drive should benefit you there.
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