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Hey i have had my TP-Link TL-WR340G for about 8 months and i recently updated the firmware and it has stopped allowing my PC's to access the net and each other i have tried reconfiguring the IP and DNS settings on the PC's and the router it tells me in the DHCP that my PC's are conected and its connected to my Thompson Speed Touch 539 and has the correct DNS and IP setting but sitll no network i have also tried re flashing several other firmwares with no success can any body help
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  1. Usually need to press the reset on the router after updating firmware.
  2. yea i know i tried that in the end i rang TP link and the only got my to change the WAN settings from dynamic to static IP but the dynamic IP is what ive been using for ages so i dont know they gave me a full reset procedure and that didnt work either i want to get dinamic IP back but every time i use it the computers tell me there is no web page to be found
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