Onboard (ATI) Video card + PCI-E 2.0 nVidia 8800GT

I'm just curious if this is actually possible.

I have my two monitors, which i use on my computer, and currently have my "s-video" port hooked up to my tv using component video plugs.

I like to have music on in my house, so I have my tv hooked up to my sound card.

Unfortunately you can use both the "s-video" out and the two DVI outs all at once, you are only allowed two.

my motherboard is a Foxconn A7GM-S, it has onboard video with an HDMI out, (in addition to a DVI and VGA), I was wondering if it was possible to use the onboard graphics chipset, while also using my PCI-E 8800gt.

This way I would be able to put some visualizatiosn on the tv or something like that, while playing music through it, and still be able to use the rest of my computer as I please.

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  1. Have you had any success with this?? I am extremely interested if this is possible. That is running the on board graphics and then having a separate card control the other monitors.
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