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I need a good x58 mobo which is good for overclocking and supports tri sli. I like the asus p6t deluxe but that doesnt support tri sli :( I also like the rampage extreme but that is out of my budget. I need something within 150-175$ which is x58, good for overclocking AND supports tri sli triple channel etc.
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  1. Hi S

    Good luck finding a x58 board that supports 3-way Sli for $150-175. If you look hard enough you might find something (open box), but I doubt it will have 3 PCI Express 2.0 x16@x16 like the Rampage II Extreme.
  2. how about 200$???
  3. ^Good find, but imo, I don't trust MSI quality.

    Not at $200 ut at $250:
    ASUS P6T
  4. ^ I agree big guy, I never owned a MSI or ZOTAC, he's on his own there.....
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