Need expert help recovering partitions

So last night i did something very stupid and stuffed the partitions of one of my hardrives by accident.

I have 2x 1tb hardrives in a raid 0,

It had two parititions, one that was 50GB (drive H) and the other the remaining drive (drive E)

Last night i deleted the E partition, then i extended the H partition to the max right over the top.

Im using windows 7, and i have a linux 9.04 distro i have been using to try and fix it.

I havent written anything to the drive since it has been extended.

I would like to reverse what i have done, any ideas before all my hair falls out?

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  1. i know you have windows 7, but the following link looked really promising, so i thought id toss it out there.

    You can restore lost partition by rebuilding partition table and this program is able to do the job.
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