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I have a 16 GB usb key to which I am trying to move a 6GB file, but win 7 is telling I have insufficient space. The usb key is empty, formatted it like 5 times. Win 7 sees the key as GB which is fine. Any idea why it says I lack the space to put a 6gb file on it?
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  1. it could be that it has what i call "ghost" files on it. Try going into my computer, then right click on the drive and open the properties. Try emptying everything, including (for the odd chance there might be) the system restore files.

    If that doesnt help, right click on the file you are trying to transfer and look at its properties. Check to make sure the file size, matches the "Size on Disc". In some cases the actual size of the file is larger than what it tells you.
  2. file size is correct and they are no ghost files. I formatted it in NTFS and then it worked, but my MAC cannot write to it anymore...
    will try exFat and post the result
  3. exFat is not readable by MAC so i need it to work in fat32 whi it should be anyway...
  4. ok, OR, try downloading a program that can format outside of the OS's ability. Search something like or similar to find a quality formatting program. It could be that theres actually something wrong with the usb key itself. (although there doesnt seem to be). If you have another computer, try using the USB key there. If that works, then for some reason, your computer would seem to be rejecting the usb keys signature.
  5. FAT32 has a file size limit of 2GB. Can you break your 6GB file into 2GB chunks of data using something like WinRAR?
  6. isn't the limiti supposed to be 32gb???
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