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I wanted to know whether having a bottom mounted psu with the 120mm fan pointed upward is good or not so good as far as air flow/circulation goes ... the reason I'm asking is b/c i read somewhere that this can be counter-productive if the psu fan is on the top ..

just wondering b/c i just got an Antec 1200 (awwwwwwsome case btw) and i need to replace my psu cuz its so damn loud (apevia 500W) and i was trying to find a psu that has the single 120mm fan on the front or the back of the unit .. but mostly all i can find are the ones that have the fan on the bottom (or top, if u flip it upside down such as in my case) ...

Thanks for any help
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  1. The PSU with a single fan on top won't be a problem. If you need something in that same 500W power range, the Corsair 550 is an excellent choice.
  2. Interesting, the CoolerMaster HAF has a grill at the bottom to allow airfeed for a bottom fan PSU. You could mod your case in the same fashion very easily - you could even put in a filter.
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