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okay.. i cant get my computer to post or do much of anything fans spins..but nuttin else seems to be going on..the keyboard and mouse dont light up..and there is no display..i dont hear beeps or anything...the eathernet plug isnt was working this morning before i went and fiddled around..and moved all my power cords behind the mobo..due to the fact i got anew powerspply which has been working great i might add...and than when i was done doing all that it plugg everything back in...turnned her on and realized i switchd m sata cables so i reopened her..turn it back on and now i get stumped.
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  1. Start from the beginning when you turn on the power any motherboard logo-beeps-is there a flashing line at top left corner?
    if fans are spinning (if you have mb speaker) and you hear no beeps then it is most probaly going to be your motherboard
    p.s. you can plug sata cables and any slot if you want to change them all you have to do is go into the bios and you can change them there

    Let me know exactly what happens when you turn on power
  2. Try this solution, try to reconnect all cable in your mobo n clear your CMOS for 30 second ~ 1 minute, maybe there are some short circuit parts in your mobo.
  3. GPU could be bad.
  4. sounds like you mobo to me

    could you please list all of your parts?
  5. hey guys,
    thanks for the replies. so heres what i have tried.. i disconnected the harddrives and still nuttin.. i cleared the cmos..and still nothing.. i took out the memory.. and now there is only one stick in there..
    but everything still spins and lights up..the mobo light is still on.

    my spec.

    Q6600 stock cooling
    ddr2 6400 OCZ 4gigs
    8800GTS 320mb
    600wat rosewill power supply performance series
    and a msi p6n sli mobo

    like i said though everything was working just i dont really know what happened im a lill stumped :pt1cable:
  6. Do you have a speaker or a radio shack near enough to get one?
    Maybe the beeps will help if not and.
    If you have some Artic Silver or some thing similar you
    can pull the cooler off and with your finger on the cpu try to start it for about
    3 or 4 seconds and see if it starts to get warm.
  7. Can it boot to windows? If not let me know.

    Another Solution:

    1. Try to replace your current CPU fan with the stock fan, if the stock fan does do well, this means that your current CPU fan is either gone bad or damaged.

    2. If possible, use another PSU and voltmeter to test your PC so that you know which part of the components which not function well. !!!Be careful when using voltmeter to test it because i'm sure you don't want to short circuit the whole PC.
  8. i pulled off the cooler and the cpu deffintally gets out.. actually i think it burned my fingure lol.. so i guess it cant be the mobo.. or the cpu..
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