Ati 5870 overclocking problems

So to start of my system specs are ultra 750w psu asus m4a78t-e 4gb of ocz ddr3 ram and a Ati 5870.

the problem is when i go to overclock in any program (msi after burner, Amd gpu tool) even it i move the core clock up by just one mhz the card will crash leaving me with a black or gray or green lines ect. is this the card or the drivers cause im still running 10.2 the card wont allow me to update past that :o thanks guys any answer is an answer :D
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  1. Well, I doubt it's a PSU issue. This seems strange... have you tried ATi Overdrive and see if it works? (It's in the CCC)
  2. Another really odd thing is that overdrive isn't in the ccc for me :??:
  3. you can try uninstalling drivers, booting to safe mode and using driver sweeper, then boot to normal again and install new drivers (10.6).
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