Adobe Air, error message on start-up

1) I used some internet software to 'check, clean etc', my computer. One of the programs showed 'duplicate' software on my system and as suggested I deleted some of the files.
2) A problem developed on startup; an Adobe Air icon appeared on the task bar (even though it was not open), with a message box saying that files were missing from Adobe Air and giving a link to re-add these, (or similar?). I had to click the X on the top RHS to close box then Adobe Air icon disappeared. I could then use the computer.
3) I tried this link without success and decided to delete the Adobe Air program from my computer.
4) This did not solve the problem and I now got a different error message:
Adobe Air; 'This installation of this application is damaged. Try re-installing or contacting the publisher for assistance.'
5) I re-loaded Adobe Air (some programs indicated I needed to do this in order for them to work) but I still get the Adobe Air icon show on my task bar and the error message each time I switch my computer on.
Can you please offer advice as to how I can resolve this?
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