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I am getting ready to do a clean install of Windows 7 over XP. I want to reformat my 250 GB hard drive keeping the two existing partitions but changing their sizes. I want one partition to be only 50 GB for just the OS. Everything else will go in the other partition. In other words some files presently in "C" will have to go in "F". I am backed up with Carbonite and an external HDD. I want to use Windows Easy Transfer however I don't know if WET will allow me to migrate files from the old "C" for instance into a new, larger "F". Perhaps I would be better off to move everything by hand. There are several good tutorials on the installation, but I can't find an answer to this problem.
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  1. Two things:

    GOOD) It is typically a good idea to keep one partition for your personal data and another for everything else.

    BAD) It is NOT a good idea to make the install partition something other than C.

    Just make two partitions, C for programs and F for data.
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