Retarded Striker II Extreme

I have spent 2 whole days trying to do overclocking on this MB without any sucess...

This is my system:

Q9550 C1 stepping
Striker II Extreme 1301 (was 1401 till today)
2x2 GB Patriot Viper SLI DDR3 2000Mhz (9-9-9-24 2T, 2.0V)
Win 7 x64

when i have system in auto (memory 1066 and FSB 1333) everything works. If i put sync mode windows freezes every time few sec after it boots and starts loading tray programs. So from 1333 -1800 same *** happens. I tryed running memetest at 1800MHz sync and it passed. I downed the multiplier of CPU to 6.0x so i can exclude the CPU from the equation. I did read all the guides how to overclock this MB and how everyone had problems with it. Nothing helped. It is VERY frustrating !

Did aynone of you had this kind of problems with this board?
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  1. Start with the memory at lower speed (like 1066) and Oc the cpu. Afterwards try getting the ram up to speed again.
    When you enable sync mode, what ram speed do you get?
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