Core Clock vs Mem Clock vs Shader Clock - A few quesitons

Hey guys,

I have an Asus 8800gt (the one with the glaciator cooler) and I have it clocked @

Core: 690mhz (stock 600mhz)

Shader: 1690mhz (stock 1500mhz)

Mem: 1050mhz - 2100mhz effective (stock 900mhz - 1800mhz effective)

This is without a doubt a great overclock, especially for the memory. it totally blew my mind, a 300mhz increase without crashes/errors. It brought 3Dmark score up from 11k to 13k+. Not bad at all :lol: That's above Ultra performance right there :kaola:

But now this brings me to my question: When overlocking, which of these clock domains will yield more performance? Is is the core clock? The Shaders? Memory?

For example, is it worth it keeping the memory this high? Is it dangerous by the way? Meaning, could this memory overlclock prove stable right now, but in the long run cause the card to crap out? :ange:
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  1. Usually overclocking the shader clocks usually beget more performance than increasing memory and/or core, not by much.
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