Connecting two Wireless Routers on one metwork?

I have a Linksys WRT320N Router connected to my cable modem right now and am currently using it as a wireless router. I have two desktops, a NAS and a Printer with an ethernet connection in another room (all with ehternet ports, not wireless). Can I get another router (with gigabit ethernet between the desktops and the NAS) and connect it wirelessly to the one on the cable modem? Thanks
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  1. You need a wireless router that can be converted to a wireless bridge.
  2. when I convert the second router (thinking of another WRT320N) to a bridge can I still use the 4 ports in the rear to transfer files to between the wired desktops and NAS at gigabit speeds? Or will is convert to wireless...go to the original wirelss router....and then back to the router now acting as a switch?
  3. No, it will only work a the wireless speed.
  4. Just to clarify...(and thanks for the responses by the way)...the computers which are hard wired to the router (which shall become a wireless bridge) will operate at gigabit speeds on the wired portions and will get N wireless from the wireless router connected to the cable modem. (I know that I cannot get better than N speeds on the wireless).

  5. If they're all connected to the same wireless router (bridge) they will communicate at the speed of the wired ports between themselves.
  6. Sorry...about the garbled post....I have been up for 36 hours+ for work. I will try using two routers (one set as a bridge) after I get some sleep.
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