Power Problem

I have a PC with an AMD Sempron Processor.

I tried installing Windows Vista Home Premium today as an upgrade to XP Pro. When I discovered Vista did not work, I booted from my XP CD in hopes of installing a fresh copy. When i reach the screen where the installer allows you to create/delete/modify hard drive partitions, I was unable to create a partition on my hard drive and unable to install windows/format the drive to NTFS.

I tried re-booting my PC a few times in hopes of it working, but no luck have I had.
I have a 200GB IDE drive spare, and I want to put inside the computer to see if it solves my problem..


After I had connected the drive to my PC, I realised my DVD drive had no power, meaning I cannot boot from the XP disc, but my hard disk does. I took the disc drive out, and the DVD drive started working.

I've tried all the connectors inside my computer to try and get them both running together, but have had no such luck.

Does anyone have ANY suggestions at all? I'm truely stumped and currently am without a computer, forcing me to use a laptop (I hate laptop computers).

Any help will be greatly appreciated.


~ Bee
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  1. Can you tell us exactly what IDE devices are connected, to what cable (if more than one) connector and if they are configured as master, slave or cable select.
  2. I have 2 IDE devices connected, the HDD I'm attempting to use is IDE, and my DVD drive is IDE, My computer only has 1 IDE connector on the MOBO, so I'm using a 1 cable to connect them both.

    Do I have to configure them some how?
  3. Is the hard disk configured as Master and the DVD as Slave or are they both configured as Cable Select?
  4. the DVD drive is configured as the master and the HDD as the slave. I don't know how to change them round. :S
  5. If you don't know how to change them, then how do you know that one is master and the other one is slave? The only way to tell for sure is to check the jumpers in the back of the drives to see if it's set to Master, Slave or CS. Since the DVD drive doesn't work when the hard disk is connected, then something is wrong with your setup.

    Is your IDE cable 80-pin? It's easy to tell as one connector should be colored (usually blue to match the color of the IDE connector on the motherboard).
  6. the lead that connects them to the MOBO is labelled, the top connection is 'Master' and the second connection is 'Slave'.

    And yes, its colored (yellow) at the end where I have it connected to the mobo.
  7. If the hard disk and the DVD both are configured as Master or Slave, then you'll have problems. Master and Slave connectors on the cable work only when both devices are configured for Cable Select (CS). You have no choice but to make sure that both devices are configured for Cable Select or set the hard disk to Master and the DVD to Slave and ignore the labels on the IDE cable.
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