Asus P5K SE motherboard best graphics card

Hello, what is the best graphics card I can place on my asus P5K SE motherboard?
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  1. Your system is single PCI-E x16 so I would say ATI Radeon 6970, before spending the big bucks on 6990. I prefer ATI over nVidia for better perfomance per price.
  2. Are you planning on playing games on your PC ?
    If yes then the ATI 6970 or Nvidia GTX 570 are a good bet but they cost over $300

    What is your budget ?
  3. Thanks for the reply guys.

    I currently have the Nvidia 8800GT, happy to date so I'm planning on staying with Nvidia. Want to stay under $500 aus but hope to spend around $300. I play WOW on this PC and the fps has suffered since I started playing it again after a 9 month lay off. Getting under 20 fps. Plan on getting Windows 7 64 bit to maximise my RAM capability, as I have 4gb but only get 3.2 on my current XP 32 bit. I'm not a serious gamer, but like to not be hamstrung too much when I PVP, which is my favourite part of gaming.

    I guess my OP was about trying to find out whether I need to upgrade my MBoard to get a decent Graphics card or if it can still use the latest Cards.
  4. You're running x16 for the video so you're up to speed with the rest, as far as interfaces and ram speed, if not a serious gamer you won't tell the difference. Check out the FPS comparison on high end games, here on this site, between nVidia and Radeon. You can also get the 6850 which scored high as single card and maybe under $300. Windows 7 may give you the extra 0.8gb of ram but that is nothing compared with what it consumes. Stay with XP unless you're upgrading to 8GB or 16gb.
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