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I have a Dell Dimension E521 with an AMD Athlon 2.0 Ghz dual processor. I have been looking at the GeForce 8600GT for a video card upgrade. I am not sure what brand might be most compatible, affordable or effective. Any suggestions or comments?
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  1. It doesent mtter what PC you have i would definantly look at an asus or gigabyte youd be best of with one of those 2
  2. have you checked the PSU can support it?
  3. Well it doesn't depend on the brand of the card only a personal pereferance. The E521 uses a 305W Dell PSU with 18A on the single 12V rail (I think), its a BTX case but people have succesfully modded it for a standard ATX PSU like Corsair. Also for the 8600GT I personally suggest XFX or EVGA.

    Thing is......for a brand like eVGA theres only one online and thats at and it costs around 130.00+ but you can purchase a 9600GT from Newegg for 100.00+ and it is even the EVGA SSC Edition.

    EVGA SSC 9600GT

    EVGA 8600GT
  4. I had the 8600GT previously and you can play Crysis on low setting only @ 1440 x 900. So you might want to consider a better option. Like AKM880 said, the 9600GT is a great option. If you do get an 8600GT, get an EVGA as you'll have STEP-UP. Check up if your PSU is sufficient.
  5. NEITHER of the above options!

    I suggest you go for this: = better than 9600, and cheaper!

    or wait a bit and get HD4770 (40nm) - expected to be ~$90 , 80W TDP and performace similar to 9800GT !
  6. more like in between a 9800gt and gtx+ but hey, and you could probably overclock it so it's better than the GTX+.
  7. ^Yeah.
    Of course the 4830 is an option. Requires a power connector though. But OP could go 4670. Does not require PCI-E power connector.
  8. ^ + 1 like 3 tims lol, the 4830 is definitely better forgot to look at ATI's offerings lol.
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