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I want to purchase one of these cards. I am in India, here Sparkle is coasting me $116 and XFX $140. So which one is good. Both are 9600GT and having DDR3 512 MB. XFX does it worth the extra money. Because of warranty , performance or something. Thanks
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  1. XFX is a quality company with a great warranty and good support. For an extra $24 i'd probably go with the XFX.
  2. xfx has a double lifetime warranty
  3. My opinion is get the cheaper one, yeah warranty may be better, but what will you keep the card, a year or 2? By the time you are ready to upgrade you'll likely have gotten your use out of it. And most manufacturers give you a year or so anyway.
  4. I do n`t know which part of India you`re in and where the system is to be placed but I do know it can get hot there, so I`d be more inclined to buy the one with the best cooler.
    And the XFX warranty may be better, if it is and the coolers are the same, I`d go for the XFX.
  5. Get XFX 9600GT or Palit 9600GT Green Edition
  6. either one is good, the 9600GT is a great card, don't listen to the idiot that says his 8800GT is better, if the price is lower on sparkle go for it, never heard of the company til recently, but it would be a good starting point, if you can get a gtx 260 or a 4870 512, for a better performance, but if price and value is what your looking for, the 9600GT is a great buy
  7. Quote:
    Yeah but does is that warranty granted in India?

    I'd say neither, the 9600GT is total crap for gaming. Its much much slower than the old 8800GT.

    never speak again. =]

    Anyway.. I would go XFX, i have always gone EVGA, but XFX is always my close 2nd.
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