HDD 2.5 5400 or 7200 rpm?


I had a HP Pavillion ZV 6000 (2004 laptop). It came with 512 MB ram upgradable to 2GB which I did a couple of years back. The only bottleneck was HDD. It was ATA-100, 4200 rpm with no cache information mentioned.

I got a external passport size 500 GB Segate 5400 rpm, 8mb cache, and that performed faster than my internal hdd even though it was limited thru a USB

So I decided to upgrade my internal hdd to a ATA-100, 5400 rpm, Western Digital, 8MB of cache. The difference between 4200 rpm and 5400 was 29% but the actual difference when I benchmark it with the exact same clone was 35%. So my question is, will it make sense for me to try 7200 rpm. Will it even give me a 35% performance increase again?

The only issue is with ATA-100, 7200 rpm is the hdd storage capacity.

Please provide your inputs and thoughts.
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  1. The more RPM's, the faster your hard drive will perform. This is why Raptor hard drives are so popular (you have to love 10k RPM's). If you have the money and want the speed, go for it.
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