Cooler master hyper tx3 cooler!

Hi, my cpu is AMD Athlon II x4 630 and i'm using the standard AMD Cooler, current cpu tems on load is 64c and 43c idle, so i'm planning to buy the cooler mentioned in the title, my question that is it worth it to buy and whats the difference it will make for the cpu temprature?
Thank you for help?
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  1. It all depends on the CPU power consumption. The Hyper TX3 will be good up until 100w CPU's. If you are going to overclock, your CPU will consume more power, thus generating more heat.

    eg. A Hyper tx3 and a Hyper 212+ will be pretty equal in performance up until 100 watts. After 100 watts the 212+ will perform a lot better.

    I think your CPU power consumption is around 86watts (not too sure though) which means the tx3 will be good enough to drop temps quite a bit as long as you have some nice TIM. It'll be a great addition to your PC.
  2. Compared to the stock cooler it will be amazing
  3. You will see a big difference. It will be a good investment.
  4. Thank you guys, i guess i'll go for it!
  5. If you've got a Microcenter near you, you might be able to find the 212+ for $20. That's the best deal I've seen anywhere, and it's a great cooler.
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