Vista Ultimate 64 won't recognize XP networked printer

I just just built my third computer and it's up and running vista ultimate 64. I have a notebook running preinstalled Vista home premium, and i have another computer that is connected to the printer running xp, both desktops running on a wired lan, and the notebook on a wireless access point. The notebook running vista home premium has no problem finding the XP machine on the network and printing. the XP machine obviously has no problem printing, however the new Vista Ultimate 64 machine will not find the printer or the xp computer for the matter under network. I've tried searching for it under add new printer- it can't find it, and i made sure that all computers were under the same workgroup, but this really shouldn't matter because my notebook wasn't under the same workgroup and it still found the printer and was able to print from it. I don't think it is a third party firewall issue as some other similar issues have addressed because i run avast antivirus and i don't believe avast is equiped with a firewall, and checking my exceptions under firewall network discovery is exempted. It's a completely fresh install of Vista Ultimate 64, and maybe it is something simple that i have overlooked, like the sync time problem i ran into last night and couldn't update my machine because the system time was set for 2002 of april and i had to run it forward to 2009. Some people have suggested to others with a similar problem to manually enter the address for the computer \\computername\printername... i know the computername, but when i type in the printer name it is spaced and doesn't look right and it asks me for an inf file. I got out the printers cd found an inf file but it gives me an error afterwards. so when i manually key in the location it looks like this...
\\playroom\hp photosmart c4400 series and that doesn't seem to work or look right. where would i need to look for the actuall full destination? Network discovery is on, and the Vista Ultimate machine can find the Vista Home premium machine, but not the xp machine. Anyone have any advice?
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  1. I fixed this somehow by clicking restore defaults in networking somewhere... i wasn't aware that i had changed anything since it was a clean install.... vista is a sad offering for a next gen OS in my opinion
  2. Same same, had the same issue, I only bought my notebook pc running vista to stay on top of the microsoft blair witch projects, starting back with 3.0, in '89 or so. The more things change, the more they stay the same, I think Windows NT was when they should of quit ....

    Running 64bit vista on HP Pavilion, HP c4400 printer, n Dell Desktop WinXP - networked on D-link router.
    You didn't list what router you use, yes this could effect it, it's all in the drivers, and the files that find'em.
    After 2 late nights, I found these updates worked, My networked printer works, and things (crossed fingers) WORK !!
    Glory - When I tire of the Microsoft Challenge, I'll finally buy an Apple - lol.

    Windows Installer Version 4.5--

    XML Parser--

    .NET Framework 3.5--
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