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Hi, So... I've Oc'd my CPU to a High Stable Overclock (I Think? did only 5 hrs of Prime95, question is... do I Boot with this OC setting every time I open my PC for everyday Use(say web browsing and Word processing), Or do I revert to a mild overclock even stock clocks, and only Load High OC's When I Plan To do a Bit of Gsming, Photo/video Processing?
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  1. Assuming the overclock is stable and the temperatures are within the acceptable range, you can just leave it. You can enable Cool 'n Quiet or similar, which will automatically clock down the CPU when it's not in heavy use.
  2. Hello, thanks for the reply. I Only did Prime95 for 5 Hrs Without any Errors so I guess it is stable-ish... is It really Ok to Turn Cool And Quiet on? All OC guides and Forums say to Turn it Off, I assume It'll have some effect on stability, If that's not the case then that'd be nice, saves me from rebooting and going to the bios settings.
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    From my understanding, they mean to turn it off while you're performing the overclock, just so that you can test the stability at the clock speed it'll be running at under load, if that makes sense.

    I don't see any reason why it would cause instability running CnQ. Assuming the OC is stable, it should be stable underclocked as well.
  4. Your 1.52V looks too high I would suggest you run 1.5 max for every day use 1.45 preferred. What temperatures do you get running prime 95?
  5. Thats good to hear Pyroflea, I'll turn that CnQ On then, Thanks.

    I'm not really comfortable with that voltage too, as it peaks at 1.57v under prime95, and I Get 37c min Idle and 57c max from 5 hrs Blend test at 23c ambient I'll drop the voltages and see if its stable at 1.5, also I've set both the "CPU Vdd" and "Cpu to NB" to 1.362 @ 1.52 CPU volatge I don't really know what they do, other than show up on CPU-Z and coretemp VID and is different form Hw Monitors Vcore, and dropping or raising the vdd seems to destabilize the OC. (pic below - 12v is unusually high in HW Monitor 15.7v!? but on everest its 11.97)

    Now testing Prime95 on 1.47vc Edit:BSOD'd
  6. Well... I can't get stability with 3.6ghz @ 1.47v or even 1.5v I'm Just gonna have set it to 300x11.5 = 3.45ghz @ 1.47v to be safe.
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