Psu question

here are system specs as of right now:

E8400 @3.0.GHz oc'ed to 3.6GHz
6GB Ram
XFX HD4850
7 case fans with fan controller
630W Rosewill psu

now my question is im buying a XFX HD4870 in a day or two and for crossfire it requires 600W so would i be ok staying with the 630W psu adding the 4870 to the above system specs? i will be crossfiring the 4850 and the 4870 and seeing as how 2 4870 only need a 600W psu i think i should be ok without a psu upgrade. please let me know and thanks.
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  1. Not familiar with the name, but the specs look ok, although you`ll have to use molex/PCI-E converters.
  2. im going to get a y-split and use it for the 4870, thanks for the help
  3. A little off topic, but why are you Crossfiring non identical cards? I know it`ll work, but won`t the 4870 be held back by the 4850?
  4. not really it gets 2-4 fps more in games then 2x 4850 so i figure get a 4870 and cf with the 4850 and then when a game that doesnt support cf comes along ill have the power of the 4870 to play that game instead of a 4850. kinda like a fail-safe for preformance.
  5. Thanks for the reply, I`ll have to remember that trick for my next build;)
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