Why is my computer closing down when im in the middle of something or when on st

Hello,My computer shuts down when I'm using it and a black screen showing a message " Disc Boot Failure. Insert System Disc and press enter. Then shows Diskette Drive A, B C etc., and P C I Device Listings and so on. It has been happening now over the last two weeks.
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  1. well judging by your description of things, I think it could be two things:
    1. Corrupted OS files - solved by reinstalling windows
    2. HDD failure - needs to be diagnosed further
  2. Definately sounds like a failing hard drive. Now when you say "shutting down", do you mean the computer powers off and you have to turn it back on or do you mean it simply reboots itself? The latter would be a symptom of a failing hard drive, as you are likely getting a blue screen that flashes by too quickly for you to see.
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