1090t over to 4.ghz on stock cooler

did anyone reach to 4ghz (and higher) with 1090t on stock cooler?
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  1. Not that I'm an OC guru but I think that's a rather untenable clock to sustain in the long run w/ a stock cooler.

    Assuming it was even stable, the temps/voltage would most surely damage the mobo in no time.
  2. Would not be suggested for any use short of benchmarking.
  3. on stock cooling its basically impossible. for my Phenom II 955 i can only reach 3.8ghz on stock. and even then iv got 3 120mm Fans blasting air directly at it just to keep it stable.
  4. i know that it's very harmful and not recommended to any one!!
    a better question:
    what is best clock on stock air cooling?if for example is 3.7ghz.is it worth to pay more over stock and buy new cooler to hit 4ghz?a good cooler like zalman or noctua !!!
  5. I would say the max clock for stock cooler is as high as the stock voltage will let you go
  6. look here :
    they reach to 3.7 on asus 890gx mobo and 1055t without any change in cpu voltage!!!
  7. the temps in asus probe and other programs that base temps off the bios are ridiculously high, for example i thought my cpu was running at 65 degrees on load, which is above amd specification. I downloaded core temp which shows you the actual temps, and now i idle @ 42 and under load is in the low 50s, that is after OC to 3.7.... seems like I have 12 more degrees to mess with, so it is likely possible on stock cooler especially if you have automatic voltage in ur bios.
  8. Might as well spend 20 bucks for a cooler master hyper 212+ and oc from there.
  9. I am using a negative offset with my 1045t of -0.075 and run at 3.4 with a hyper TX3 and two fans. (Voltage at full load is 1.344v)

    If you can get a stable OC with less voltage, you may be able to stay cool.
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