Modem+Router+Switch+2 Routers

Well the general setup is pretty much listed above. The modem is an old one from vonage i believe. The routers and switch are all Netgear. So the setup before getting the switch was as follows...

Modem-wireless router-other two wireless routers

The new setup is described in the title. However the other routers aren't seeming to work for some reason when plugged into the switch. Are there any setting i should be configuring? or is this just not possible?

By the way, i really don't have a clue when it comes to home networking...

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  1. It would be easier to explain if you provided your IP addresses.

    Configuration example:

    Router 1 - IP address provided by ISP (WAN port), (LAN)
    Router 2 - (WAN port connected the the switch), (LAN)
    Router 3 - (WAN port connected the the switch), (LAN)

    Router 1 should route traffic destined to network to and traffic destined to network to Router 2 and router 3 should have as their default gateway. "/24" means mask which is what you should use for your configuration.
  2. Or you could have everything on just one network by turning off DHCP on the other 2 routers.
  3. hmmmm i will try again tonight and see if anything changes. thanks
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