Q6600 or phenom II x4 940

How do these 2 compare? I'm trying to build a mid-level gaming PC that I will be overclocking. I know that the new x4 955 comes out tomorrow but I doubt I will be able to fit it into my budget.

The difference between the builds are about $300 ($1200 for phenom and $900 for q6600) I have read some people say that the q6600 is outdated because it is 65nm, is this true? I want my system to be able to play all the new games so I would prefer for it to be usable for the next couple of years in that regard.
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  1. Q6600 is not completely outdated, but it would be advisable to go 45nm anyway. It deserved all the praise it ever got but if you're looking to the future, go with the PII.
    The 955 may knock down prices of the 940.

    Also, list your specs. There shouldn't be a 300 difference between CPU/mobo/RAM of Q6600/PII940
  2. Q6600 is an awesome chip but it's a bit dated, P2 gets my vote... get a P2 X3 if you want to save a little cash, unless you really need 4-core processing power. For games, you don't.
  3. A Phenom II family processor is much better. $300 difference o.o
  4. I'm honestly wondering the same thing but instead of the Phenom II 940 being compared to a Q6600, I'm wondering how much of an improvement it'd be over a QX6700 that I've wielded since February of '07.
  5. Get the phenom II. It's cheap, overclocks great, and if you get a good board you will be able to drop in a faster AM3 CPU latter on. On the other hand there won't be any new faster CPUs really for LGA 775

    As for Sotsu, I'd say that if you can get some decent overclocks on your QX6700 then you probably won't notice too big a jump getting a PII 940 and you need to spend more money on a new board for it. It would be an improvement if you overclock it, but I'm not sure it would justify the price. For you I'd say that if you're board can support the newer quad cores just get a Q9550 and overclock it if you really want a speed boost.
  6. well bang for buck is obviously a lot higher on the 940 than the QX6700 and the 940 performs a bit better.
  7. I have a Q6600 and a Q9550. But if those are my only two choices, I agree with most of the posters. P2.
  8. how about strictly performance wise?
  9. Perfomance wise the Q6600 is still a good chip and is close to the Ph2 but the PH2 is better in the end. The Q6600 will last a bit longer since most apps still don't utilize quads, nor do most games and with a decent aftermarket HSF can easily OC to 3GHz+.

    But the PH2 will OC just as well.

    And with the Q6600 and the right mobo your upgrade path would end at the Q9 series where with the right mobo (a AM3 mobo) your PH2 might last till AMDs next CPU. Not sure if the CPU AMD plans next will support AM2+ or not as the AM3 Phenom IIs do not support AM2 but only AM2+.
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