Where did 4gb ram go?

Hi, I am a newb on overclocking things, but I tried to test and learn things.
I am using I7 920 D0, 12gb 1066 ddr3, MSI Pro-E motherboard.
here is what I got, when I increase the default 133 to about 155 alone, everything works fine, memory speed has increased accordingly. but as I increase cpu base clock to higher value, say 160, 4g of the total 12G memory will disappear.

I am not sure what is going on there, where did 4gb ram go? will some1 enlighten me please. thanks ahead.
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    If you are leaving the memory multiplier/ratio alone when increasing BCLK then your memory speed will also run above rated speeds. When increasing BCLK you should lower your speed to below stock and after you have the CPU stable you can alter the memory speed and timings.

    The 4gigs of memory that is disappearing is probably because you are trying to run it way above the rated speed. My advice is, increase BCLK to lets say 160 and lower memory multiplier to ensure it is running at or below its rated speeds.
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