Hi all

I have a problem with mainboard ASUS P5KPL/1600 i had 2gb ddr2 667 corsair(2x1 dual channel) and i buyed 2gb more (kingston 2x1 667) and i can't make pc run with 4gb.
What can i do?

Thank You
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  1. I read on asus site that 4 gb will work only if single sided

    1 dimm corsair and 1 dimm kingston works

    Any chance to make them work? :??:
  2. i have the same muther bord and will run 4gig but 2 gig sticks of ram. you should of poot them in yelow slots and if xp 32 bit will only read at 3.50 but pc still usin 4 gig but that the maxs for that muther bord if was windos xp 64 bit will read as full 4 gig or mor. not best muther bord hafto say.
  3. I've got the same problem with Asus P5KPL mobo. 3 sticks of ram. All pc 6400 DDR 2, CL5, 240 pin. One stick is a 2GB and the other two are 1 GB each. No matter which slot I use, it won't accept 4 GB without getting an alarm going off on the motherboard and it refuses to boot to bios. It works fine with any combination adding up to 3 GB. Yet the manual claims support for 4GB. Weird, huh?
  4. hello i dont know if you still having this problem but i too have this motherboard and had 3 sticks of RAM but it wouldnt take it so i went and brought 2x 2gb sticks and it works.
  5. the system cannot detect up to 4gb ram when you are using window with 32 bit. If you are using window (64 bit), the system can fully detect all the capacity of the ram.
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