Looking into building a new system based on the AM3 965 BE. I am planning on using the Gigabyte 790-XTA-UD4 motherboard.

Primary use: Heavy gaming.

I do not plan on overclocking this processor, however I want it to be quiet and am seriously considering the ZALMAN CNPS10X Extreme because of ease of installation. I also think Zalman makes good stuff.

My question is this:

On auto will the CNPS10X change its own settings? Or do you have to push that button on the heat sync everytime you need an increase/decrease. I realize the bios adjusts the RPMs according to the controller range, but what auto settings are people using? Low, Medium, or High? None of the reviews on this cooler have stated this. I just want it to keep my 965 nice & cool.
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  1. Even with the same motherboard and the same heatsink, different users will get different temps depending on several other factors including installation.

    Your heatsink is a massive one, and since quietness is your criteria, tryout this heatsink at the lowest speed setting. Check temps. If the temps inch upwards, go to the medium setting. In any case, it is a trial method. Let the BIOS control the speed.
  2. If yuor not overclocking why not get the CNPS10X quiet
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