EVGA GTX 470 SC overclocking results

My rig is not the best, so I would imagine my CPU/memory are bottlenecks under certain circumstances. The build:
Antec 900 II ATX
Thermaltake 850W
Asus P5N-E SLI
Intel Q6600 at stock speeds (overclocking has not been friendly)
EVGA GTX 470 SC running latest x64 beta drivers

I used EVGA precision, GPU-Z, and Unigine Heaven to set and test a variety of overclock settings on this GPU

Heaven scores are:
1. DX10/high shaders/4AF/4AA/1920x1080
2. DX11/high shaders/16AF/8AA/1920x1080
unless otherwise stated

Stock (EVGA factory overclock)
Heaven score= 1075/42.7FPS, 536/21.3FPS

Heaven score= 1132/44.9FPS, 739/29.3FPS

Heaven score=1154/45.8FPS, 746/29.6FPS
T=68:Load-89% Fan

Heaven score=1180/46.9FPS, 768/30.5FPS
T=73:Load-80% Fan

Heaven score=1193/47.3FPS, 788/31.3FPS
T=73:Load-80% Fan

Heaven score=1191/47.3FPS, 781/31.0FPS
T=80:Load-70% Fan

Overclock: 1520/1701
DX10/high shaders/8AF/4xAA/1920x1080
Heaven score=1194/47.4FPS
T=69:Load-86% Fan

Overclock: 1440/1701
DX11/high shaders/16AF/no AA/1920x1080
Heaven score=975/38.7FPS
T=79:Load-70% Fan

DX10/high shaders/16AF/no AA/1920x1080
T=67:Load-70% Fan
Heaven score=1460/58FPS

DX11/high shaders/16AF/4xAA/1920x1080
T=83:Load-70% Fan
Heaven score=896/35.6FPS

Overclock:1440/1817--Unigine Fatal Error

Stability across all the games I have installed on my rig remains to be seen, but Heaven, GTA IV, Borderlands, and Starcraft II at 1500/1750 ran without a hiccup :)
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  1. your memory is fine assuming that you are running DDR2 800mhz or higher, 2.4Ghz is pretty low.. you should be able to get at least 3Ghz, overclocking is free so take a stab at it =)
  2. Congrats on the new card dude. The gtx 470 is a beast that nvidia handicapped with their not so good thermal design, noise, and power consumption. These cards love voltage and water cooling, if you decide to water cool it in the future you will be amazed. I have mine running @ 900/1800/2050...core/shader/memory. also i would recommend using MSI afterburner, its a great tool for ATI/Nvidia cards. I am thinking about buying another one soon but not sure yet.
  3. @freezed 1: a common question: Do your lights flicker when you power on you rig?

    :) :)
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