Operating temperature for E1200 - Celeron Dual Core 1.6Ghz CPU (Intel)

On my system it runs between 58-63 degrees C. Is this normal? The max thermal specified by intel is 73.3 degrees C. But on some sites I saw users reporting it running around 40-50 degrees C. The model has 12.2008 manufacturing date and model # SLAQW.
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  1. Hmmm... I think it's running a bit hot. I also saw others claim normal temperatures at around 40-50C. Maybe you need better cooling for your CPU? In any case, your processor will lock up at temperatures higher than what it's designed to run on.
  2. 58 - 63 is not bad for overclocked and running under load. But if that's an idle or low load temp, it is too high. Have you double checked for the proper installation of the heatsink? Do you have good airflow through your case?
  3. Check for looseness of the heatsink.
    Make sure the push pins went though the other side.
    You can get extra push pins here:

    Intel push pins



    under Desktop Spares

    They sell all Intel spare parts, such as heatsinks, socket covers, etc.
  4. Thank you for the responses guys. The airflow in the box is not optimal, it a shuttle KPC45 box and it is a bit cramped inside. I am using stock fan/sink (there isn't any room for a bigger/better fan/hs) and the temperature I mention is at idle state without any load and no overclocking at all. I will check the heatsink/fan installation again...
    Is there a website which has operating temps for CPUs under normal loads?
  5. pkp413 said:
    Is there a website which has operating temps for CPUs under normal loads?

    That's something I've been looking for a lot lately. Haven't found it, but could be a great idea for the TH editorial team though.
  6. The Intel Celeron DC CPU is basically a 65nm C2D but with 256L2 cache. So read the how to sticky in the overclocking section.
  7. That's way too hot. I have my e1200 overclocked to 2.12GHz (8 multiplier times 266) and it idles at 35 - 38 for both cores and doesn't go past 55 full load. Which temp monitor program are you using and is there a huge difference whn eyou read the temps from the BIOS?
  8. I am using Moo0 System Monitor 1.39 in Win XP, it reports 55, the CPU temperature reading in BIOS right after a restart is around 45 so there is quite a bit of difference.
  9. I'm not sure of the dimensions of the cooler you've got, or the room in the case, but I have the Akasa AK-955 hooked up in my rig and it's only just taller than the Intel stock HSF that came with my C2D E7400... Difference being the copper core.


    Might be worth looking into.
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